Monthly highlights – February 2010

Every month I will try to wrap up some highlights about virtualization news, personal experience or other IT related items which had my attention, this time February 2010:

February was a month with several tweet peaks about virtualization and application delivery news. Actually it was a pretty busy month with some nice releases and good discussions.

Dell acquires KACE, there was already some movement on the hardware market where you could see hardware vendors were looking for virtualization cooperation in combination with systems management. KACE-logoSee VMware and Cisco and last month Microsoft and HP.
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7 things you need to know about Desktop Virtualization

If we believe the marketing war stories, desktop virtualization is ready for mass adoption by organizations. But what is desktop virtualization about? Before your project takes off you have to consider these 7 points:
1. Desktop virtualization is about separating the desktop (operating system, applications and user settings) from the physical machine. Desktop virtualization and VDI are not the same. VDI is just a flavor of desktop virtualization. Where the term VDI is used for Hosted (Virtual) Machine scenarios, Desktop virtualization has a broader range of use. Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is also in the category of desktop virtualization.
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First impression: RES PowerFuse 2010 (RC1)

When I first implemented RES PowerFuse, several years ago, I was very surprised with the power of this product. Over the years the product has evolved to an even better product. RES has a clear view on what personalization should be like for the end user and how to keep management simple for the IT administrator.

The next generation will be released soon (16 february 2010); RES PowerFuse 2010. I’ve installed the Release Candidate, just to have a quick impression. By the time this product has its final release; I will come back with some more details.

The installation has been done on a Windows Server 2008 R2 with RDS and the database used is SQL Server 2008. Installation went smooth, like always.

First thing you will notice after installation is a new icon.
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