MS App-V 4.6 All Languages Hotfix Package 2 released

Microsoft Application VirtualizationMicrosoft released Hotfix Package 2 for Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6 All Languages. This hotfix is for the All Languages version: build Yes, there are two App-V 4.6 client versions; the “English Only” and the “All Languages”. Both with a separate hotfix path. Where the English Only version is already at hotfix package 5, the All Languages version is now at hotfix package 2. But the issues addressed in both versions should now be the same, so hotfix package 5 Englisch Only = hotfix package 2 All Languages.

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Monthly highlights – February 2010

Every month I will try to wrap up some highlights about virtualization news, personal experience or other IT related items which had my attention, this time February 2010:

February was a month with several tweet peaks about virtualization and application delivery news. Actually it was a pretty busy month with some nice releases and good discussions.

Dell acquires KACE, there was already some movement on the hardware market where you could see hardware vendors were looking for virtualization cooperation in combination with systems management. KACE-logoSee VMware and Cisco and last month Microsoft and HP.
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App-V is now more ready to step into desktop virtualization

Microsoft released App-V 4.6 earlier this week. With this release Microsoft Application Virtualization will be brought to the next level: support for 64-bit applications. This release will contribute to a broader adoption of application virtualization in combination with desktop virtualization. Think about Windows Server 2008 R2 RDS which is 64-bit only or VDI scenario’s where storage usage is an issue.

With App-V 4.6 it is now possible to design well scalable desktop virtualization solutions based on Microsoft Virtualization products (and of course products of other vendors).

While you may think it’s a minor release from 4.5 SP1 to 4.6, the new features are great:
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