Monthly Highlights – May 2010

Every month I will try to wrap up some highlights about virtualization news, personal experience or other IT related items which had my attention, this time May 2010:

May is traditionally a month with several holidays. So, last month I took some time to have a few days off to have a holiday in France with my family. Had a wonderful time, throwing rocks in the water with my 6-year old son, can life be more beautiful?

Back to the real world, what happened at Citrix Synergy?
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Microsoft APP-V and Citrix XenDesktop – Better Together?

When you think about Desktop Virtualization you will also think about Application Virtualization. This blog post will analyze whether if Microsoft App-V is a good partner for Citrix XenDesktop.
App-V and XenDesktop - better together?
Why this product combination? Well, I think, at the moment these products are both top products in their category. What if we combine these products, keeping in mind the latest release of App-V (4.6) and the upcoming release for XenApp (6)? Will this combination contribute to a better solution?

First I will give a short overview of each product and after that I will describe the combination of both products.
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