The rise of the client hypervisor

Last month the client hypervisor gets more and more in the spotlight. This is good news, because it is time for some innovation. What options do we have today when talking about client hypervisors?

Most of us are already familiar with the type 2 client hypervisor, running an additional (virtual) client on top of your operating system. Think about VMware Player or Microsoft Virtual PC. While this is a good solution for IT Pros, it has some management challenges. Microsoft pushes its type 2 client hypervisor via MED-V for application compatibility issues when migrating to Windows 7. For now this might be a good solution, assuming you are using it on a small scale base and with the intention to use it temporary, but on the long term the type 2 client hypervisor will not bring us the ultimate IT experience. What I mean is that the ultimate IT experience needs to deliver the whole package, it’s said before but there are no one-size-fits-all products. We need different flavors to fill in the different use cases. The gap between a traditional PC and the type 2 client hypervisor at the moment is about offline and manageability.
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