Monthly highlights – March 2010

Every month I will try to wrap up some highlights about virtualization news, personal experience or other IT related items which had my attention, this time March 2010:

Ongoing discussions about VDI; Desktop Virtualization is hot, 2010 will be the year of desktop virtualization. Last month a lot discussion about the display protocols, ICA (HDX) vs PC-over-IP. The discussions are a nice read. There will be use cases for both products. User Experience will be an important part in terms of user adoption. That’s why the display protocols are important.
Citrix developed HDX for ICA and are a step ahead of VMware, just because VMware doesn’t own PC-over-IP. What if Teradici will be acquired by another company? As a VMware View customer, should you switch back to RDP?
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The year of…..2010!

With all the prediction storms going on, I will also give my 2 cents on 2010. But I would call them expectations instead of predictions. 2010 expectations My expectations are based on the vendor roadmaps and some experience from the field. 2010 will also be a Virtualization year, most companies are using it for their servers now, but it will take a deep dive in the IT infrastructure with also desktop and application virtualization. This will change the world of IT services and operations.
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