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Is Internet Explorer 6 the reason why you’re still running Windows XP?

So, you’ve started your proof of concept for your new desktop environment, because your organization is demanding for improvement. You are testing the different flavors; VDI, RDS, fat client… (assuming it is based on Window 7 or Windows Server 2008 RDS). You get very excited on all the new features and you’ll see a lot of advantages for your management and deployment of the systems. Next to that you’ll see the advantages for your organization; rich media experience, application availability and remote access. But then…testing your mission critical applications point out a dependency with Internet Explorer 6. Now what? IE6 can’t be installed on the latest operating systems, are you stuck with Windows XP?
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The year of…..2010!

With all the prediction storms going on, I will also give my 2 cents on 2010. But I would call them expectations instead of predictions. 2010 expectations My expectations are based on the vendor roadmaps and some experience from the field. 2010 will also be a Virtualization year, most companies are using it for their servers now, but it will take a deep dive in the IT infrastructure with also desktop and application virtualization. This will change the world of IT services and operations.
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