15 great information resources for Microsoft Application Virtualization

–Updated– In the mean time more information sources are added. Thanks to Appvirtguru.com. The list with App-V links has been updated and categorized and can be found here.

–Original article 12-jan-2010–
Let’s start sharing my favorites on Microsoft Application Virtualization (APP-V). Below is an overview of all kind of information, found on the internet, on APP-V.

Microsoft Application Virtualization

Microsoft Application Virtualization

Whether you are new to APP-V or an all-round engineer, you will find some useful information. The links are ordered from 1 (if you want to start with APP-V) till 15 (troubleshooting APP-V sequencing):

1. APP-V Techcenter, your starting point when you need more information about APP-V| Microsoft Technet
2. APP-V whitepapers, part of APP-V Techcenter | Microsoft Technet
3. Some APP-V learning video’s | Blogcastrepository
4. APP-V team blog | Microsoft Technet Blog
5. APP-V information, clear overview on APP-V components | APP-V.in
6. APP-V certification, there’s no “stand alone” APP-V certification. Skills being measured are based on MDOP (where APP-V is part of) | Microsoft Learning
7. APP-V Best Practice Analyzer | Microsoft Downloads
8. APP-V ADM Templates, also check-out the ADM add-ons from Login Consultants (nr. 11)| Microsoft Downloads
9. APP-V Resource Kit tool, you will need this when using Dynamic Suite Composition | Microsoft Technet
10. Great resource with tools and instant apps for your demo’s | virtualapp.net
11. The APP-V tools from Login Consultants, you need to register before you can download the tools | Login Consultants Tools
12. Tech forum with all APP-V related information, not only limited to APP-V | Appvirtguru.com (formerly known as softgridguru)
13. Application Virtualization Central, with recipe files, training videos and much more | tmurgent.com
14. Troubleshooting APP-V | Microsoft Technet Blogs
15. Application Virtualization message-board, not only limited to APP-V | Appdeploy.com

The links will be added to my links App-V information section in this site also. If you have APP-V information resources to share, feel free to leave a comment.

-Updated 27 feb. 2010
Some new links added:
Independent App-V Blog
Application Virtualization (App-V) video series
Virtual World Blog
DesktopControl Blog

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