7 things you need to know about Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization is getting more and more the standard way to go. However, there are still a lot of companies just in the start-up stage of their Application Virtualization projects.

application virtualization

application virtualization

Also as part of the Desktop Virtualization hype, Application Virtualization will contribute significantly. I think there is no discussion whether you should use Application Virtualization or not, you should! It is just a case of how to start properly and make your project a success. Therefore some points to think about before your application virtualization project takes off.

1. Know your applications and their dependencies. For successful packaging you need to have some information about the technical requirements of the application and how it is installed. (This may help, click here)

2. Do not expect a 100% success rate; there are some limitations on virtualizing applications. You probably still need a “traditional” application deployment method. (Invest in the right packaging tool, click here )

3. Application Virtualization is no application compatibility assurance. Once packaged on Windows XP it is not guaranteed that this application will also work on Windows 7. About 80% will do, but some will need repackaging. (Microsoft Statement: click here )

4. Select the right application virtualization product based on your business requirements; there are some differences between the available solutions. (Check out this great overview, click here)

5. Special attention needed when virtualizing browser plug-ins, keep in mind the browser experience of the users. For example, what is expected to happen when opening a hyperlink in an email?

6. Train your IT Operators, Application Virtualization is not just a different packaging method. But also the way application user settings are handled and delivering applications to the end user will change.

7. Thinking about using desktop virtualization tomorrow, start preparing application virtualization today! Most of the benefits on desktop virtualization come from application virtualization.